• 2012 MotoGP Claiming Rule Team Changes

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    Grand Prix Commission meeted recently in which they decided in the approval of nine new Claiming Rule Teams (CRTs) for next year which means that MotoGP now has 21 teams for 2012.

    CRTs are a new feature of MotoGP which we will see in 2012. Essentially, these teams will be somewhat restricted compared to the traditional teams, but the cost of entry is much lower, leading many new outfits to enter the fold and attempt to compete.

    There’s a few restrictions that these CRTs will provide but the good news is that the entry for races is lower which will bring out more teams to compete.

    You can read all of the 2012 MotoGP regulation changes here.

  • My next Yamaha motorcycle

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    I’m buying the 2012 Yamaha YZF-R15. My final decision came as I read a really good review about the bike. The main reason behind this purchase is a commuter bike. I’ve been an avid Yamaha motorcycle rider for many years now but I drive a car into work everyday. Yeah I know I should be riding all of the time but the simple fact of the matter is that I have to commute over 20 miles every day and I didn’t feel as thought the ride would be comfortable until I met the Yamaha YZF-R15 (say that 20 times fast). I have got to say that after I read this review I immediately headed over to my local motorsports shop for a test drive. The bike was not only comfortable it rode like a dream. After spending a good 20 minutes with the bike I decided it was time to switch gears from being a commuter with a car to being a commuter with a Yamaha motorcycle.

    I plan on making the grand purchase next week or so after I pay a few bills and get a few personal things in order (like telling the wife). I’m real excited about this purchase as long as everything lines up right. Now all I have to do is tell the wife. Keep your fingers crossed.

  • Yamaha Parts Superstore is Open for business

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    Thank you for visiting Yamaha Parts Superstore. We’re still working out some of the kinks but we will shortly have Yamaha parts for street bikes, cruisers, dirt bikes, ATV’s and UTV’s. While there are many places on the internet to search for parts Yamaha Parts Superstore is unique because we stock older parts instead of new ones. While if you’ve visited this website you’ll notice that parts are missing that’s because we’re still working out the kinks with our existing system. We hope to have everything in order very soon. Make sure that you check back for future updates.